• Pak Atan

‘Konsert Hora Horey Live!' brought to you by Didi & Friends.

Kemaskini: 17 Mei 2019

Children’s musical animation series, Didi & Friends is organising a first-of-its-kind interactive concert, ‘Hora Horey Live! Didi & Friends’, which will take place at Quill Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur. The 65-minute concert is set to take the stage for four consecutive days from 15th to 18th August 2019.

‘Konsert Hora Horey Live! Didi & Friends’ will be a first for the ‘Didi & Friends’ brand as it will be the first time any of its songs are performed live in a musical-like affair. ‘Didi & Friends’ characters Didi, Nana, Jojo, Pak Atan and many more will perform a line-up of the show’s most popular songs namely ‘Semut Berkawad’, ‘BINGO’, and more, all of which have been given a fresh new sound, specially remixed for the concert.

‘Konsert Hora Horey Live! Didi & Friends’ promises exciting nights of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. Fans will be blown-away by the electrifying choreography and fun sing-along moments. Moreover, after years of watching ‘Didi & Friends’ on the screen, fans will finally be able to interact with the animated characters in person, with glowsticks and wristbands to boot!

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