Didi & Friends Will Be Available in 9 Languages

Didi & Friends does not plan to slow down anytime soon! Just last week, Didi & Friends' loyal followers reached one million subscribers after four years of airing on YouTube since 2014. By the end of 2018, the Malaysian pre-school nursery rhymes will be available in 9 languages such as in Malay, Indonesian, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Thai, English and including Hindi. This marks another historic milestone for Digital Durian and Astro!

"Konsert Hora Horey" Debut Smashed Malaysian Box Office by RM 2.7 Million!

Last March, Digital Durian and Astro released the first ever animated concert “Konsert Hora Horey Didi & Friends” and snagged RM 2.7 million in just six weeks. The response was overwhelmingly positive. No one thought that an animated concert for pre-schoolers would do so well. The pre-schooler's concert proved to be a hit not just among children but it captured the hearts of parents due to the fun and family-friendly show.

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